Closed in our homes, alone with our thoughts, though only physically far away from friends, boyfriends and family came an overpowering need for social proximity

#14. Giulia Falugiani, architet

#13. Caterina Arciprete, ARCO researcher and research fellow for the University of Florence

#12. Iacopo Zetti, Associate Professor of Urban planning at University of Florence

The city of tomorrow is already today
We need visions to improve the lives everywhere, not only in the developed areas, (iper)saturated with speed, movement, wealth, products and consumption”

#11. Ferdinando Trapani (University of Palermo-D.ARCH), Pietro Columba (University of Palermo-D. SAAF), Maria Luisa Germanà (University of Palermo-D.ARCH), Gioia Gibelli (SIEP-IALE), Vera Greco (Sicilian Region, Cultural Heritage Department), Renzo Lecardane (University of Palermo-D.ARCH)

#10. Nicola Valente, architect and president of the Order of Architects of Siena

#09. Michela Fiaschi, architect and cofounder of Narrazioni Urbane

“The world changes, and more we will are ready to evolve with it, less we will have to fear future challenges”

#08. Marco Zei, cofounder of Georisk Engineering

“The city is a living organism, it is an engine and we are its gears ”
Urban planning at the time of the covid

#07. Melania Marino, urban planner and designer

#06. Marco Sala, Full Professor in Architectural Technology at the University of Florence, Founder and Director of ABITA Interuniversity Research Centre

#05. Francesco Berni, Urban planner and Policy Advisor for Neighbourhood planning – Municipality of Milan

#04. Paolo Pileri, Full Professor of Environmental and Urban Planning, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Politecnico di Milano

We have the technology, the resources and the ability to radically improve our country. To change the future we must think, commit and act courageously! NOW

#03. Rita Trombin, Environmental Psychologist

“How will cities change after Coronavirus? They will have to learn to plan their resilience to crises of all kinds (economic, health, environmental) in order to always be ready to face one”

02#. Andrea Sbandati, Director of Confservizi Cispel Toscana

#01. Francesco Alberti, Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Design at University of Florence, INU President of the Tuscany Section, Urban LIFE chief science advisor

Press room

Daan Roosegaarde

In his recent published Phaidon book Daan Roosegaarde says: “People won’t change because of facts or numbers. But if we can trigger the imagination of a new world, that’s the way to activate people. I don’t believe in utopia, but in protopia; step by step upgrading the world around us. Art is our activator“.

As social design lab, Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde and his team of designers and engineers connect people and technology in artworks that improve daily life in urban environments, spark imagination and fight climate crisis.

Internationally acclaimed works include WATERLICHT (a virtual flood showing the power of water), SMOG FREE PROJECT (the world’s first largest outdoor air purifier which turns smog into jewellery), SMART HIGHWAY (roads that charge throughout the day and glow at night) and the SPACE WASTE LAB (visualising and upcycling space waste).

Roosegaarde’s mantra ‘Schoonheid’ is a Dutch word with two meanings: ‘beauty’, that comes from creativity; and ‘clean’, that comes from clean air and clean energy. For Roosegaarde this should be a fundamental condition in daily life.