CoN.MARRADI: Urban connections for a more attractive and sustainable place

The project includes a series of interventions on public spaces and external connections with the aim of creating a system of connected, easily accessible, accessible, green and inclusive places, improving both the potential of each individual space and the overall attractiveness of the territory. The project has obtained the co-financing of over 200,000 euros from the Tuscany Region through the funds for urban regeneration in favor of the Municipalities falling in the “Inner Areas” of Tuscany (2019-2021) after participating in the competition notice and selecting the Marradi’s proposal for the quality of the interventions.

Municipality of Marradi
Metropolitan areas of Florence, Tuscany
October 2019 - ongoing
Francesco Alberti (scientific coordinator)
Sara Naldoni (project Manager)
Sabine Di Silvio
Ilaria Massini
Simone Scortecci

urban regeneration
public spaces
wellness inclusion
integrated project