HOPE: Home of People and Equality. Urban regeneration project

The project was developed by some components of Urban LIFE before the establishment of the company. It is presented on these pages as a significant activity, tackled according to the founding principles of Urban LIFE.

A research team of the Department of Architecture (DIDA) of Florence, in collaboration with the municipality of Empoli, has planned a set of urban interventions for the historic centre of Empoli inspired by the idea of an inclusive city, catalyst of urban, economic and environmental regeneration. The project is part of the Urban Innovation Projects of Regione Toscana, supported by the EU’s Structural Funds POR-FESR 2014-2020 for regeneration, and it was selected – through a competitive call – to be financed with 6.1 million euros, in addition to the 2.9 million euros co-financed by the municipality.


Municipality of Empoli
Empoli, Tuscany
August 2015 - ongoing
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Francesco Alberti (Urban LIFE - scientific coord.)
Carlo Natali (scientific coord.)
Simone Scortecci (Urban LIFE - project coord.)
Francesco Berni (project coord.)
Andrea Borghi
Ilaria Massini (Urban LIFE)
Lorenzo Nofroni (Urban LIFE)
Matteo Benedettelli (project)
Michela Ciacci (project)
Ran Farhi
Simona Fusiello
Giovanni Leoncini
Simone Rossi
Carlotta Sergiacomi
Francesca Tommasoni
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social inclusion
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